I shop small a lot but sometimes Amazon just does it best! Below are my tried and true favorites…

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases
Locking pin backs

Have you ever LOST a beloved pin? Those weak rubber pin backs are the WORST! Locking Pin Backs to the rescue. I will never not use these on a pin I love ever again. These work GREAT! Find them HERE

rain poncho with hood

I used a Disney Parks plastic poncho once. It ripped when I put it on and I felt like I was in a sauna. Then I got THIS poncho. Not only is it adorable, it comes in a matching pouch. AND there are tons of patterns to choose from! Find them HERE for adults and HERE for kids!

FuelRod portable charger kit

Disneyland Resort has FuelRod vending machines all over where you can buy a new one OR swap a dead one out for FREE for a charged one. Save money by buying your first FuelRod before you get there. Find them HERE

Anker powerbank

I do love my FuelRod but I love my Anker power bank even more. Why? Indicator lights show how much of a charge it has left AND it recharges my phone twice instead of just once like FuelRod. This style is newer than the one I have – which is also made by Anker. Find them HERE

reusable straws with case

OMG don’t get me started on paper straws that fall apart before you’re done with your drink. These reusable straws are a pretty metallic rainbow color and the little drawstring pouch is easy to throw in my bag. Find them HERE

power strip

This genius idea comes from my husband. He always brings a power strip when we stay at hotels and they come in SO handy. How many times have you wished your hotel room had more plugs? This one is great because it also has USB ports. Find them HERE

face washing headband

Channel all the Minnie Mouse vibes with this adorable headband! These handy face-washing headbands are now a must in my nightly routine. The channel in the back of the headband holds long hair out of the way – and they are just plain adorable! Find them HERE

disney princess socks

My niece gave me these a few years ago and I’m STILL loving them! They don’t slip, they look cute with your shoes on or off and the artwork is simply darling. Find them HERE

UV Pens

When my boys were little and we went to Disneyland, I drew little smiley faces and hearts on their arms with invisible ink pens. When they wondered what I was doing I said “Oh gee, I guess this pen is broken!” It all paid off when we got on a dark ride. Why? The rides use UV lighting and all the doodles magically appeared. They loved it! Find them HERE

glitter gel pens

There are lots of places to write and doodle in Going To Guides books. These are the pens I use to inscribe my books when people order directly from me! I love them because the colors are beautiful, the glitter is dreamy AND they are scented. NOTE: They do take a few seconds to dry but it’s worth it because they look so pretty and do not bleed through to the other side of the paper like many other markers. Find them HERE

Well, did you see anything you liked? I hope so! If you end up getting any of these things, let me know how much you love it! Have an idea for another Amazon find fellow members of the GTG Fan Club would like? Do tell!

THIS JUST IN! NEWS! There is now a Going To Guides Shop on Amazon where you can discover more high-quality items that have earned the GTG stamp of approval. Be sure and follow that page right HERE.