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“No matter which page you see, so much to giggle with, and to learn new stuff you never knew you’d need to know. And all with such charming text and drawings too. More than any Disneyland book I ever recall looking at, yours has the real charm and joy that Walt had in mind while creating his magical place for all the World. Going To Disneyland and Disneyland are a perfect match for each other that’s for sure. Thanks so much Shannon for giving me my own little spot on page 116 so I can see all the happy faces as they pass by.”
 – Bob Gurr
Former Imagineer and Disney Legend
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“There aren’t enough adjectives to describe this incredibly creative book, designed by a fantastically creative artist. For starters, it’s UNIQUE, IMAGINATIVE, WHIMSICAL, EDUCATIONAL, CHILDLIKE, THOUGHT PROVOKING, INTERESTING, DELIGHTFUL, and obviously, a labor of love. It’s a wonderful “memory” book for any and all that visit Disneyland. What more can I say—I LOVE IT!!!”
– Rolly Crump
Former Imagineer and Disney Legend
“I LOVE it! It is so well done and there are many tidbits even I didn’t know!”
Keiko Lynn 

“…a visually stunning work that will enchant any reader. Simply the best guide to the Magic Kingdom.”
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“… designed to keep young readers interested with amazing photography, clever graphic design and tons of insider information.”
– Theme Park University
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“I am totally in love with the series and the concept that Shannon came up with.”
– Davelandweb
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What people are saying about “Going To Disney California Adventure”

“…visiting a Disney park, riding all the rides and eating all the food is only a fraction of what the experience is really about. There are dozens and dozens of hidden secrets, backstories and nods to Disney’s past and present scattered all over the place. You just need to know where to look! That’s what this book is really all about.”
– Theme Park University
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“It’s really much more than a guidebook but an experience.”
– Between Disney
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“My husband and I both like to research things like crazy before we go on trips. How I wish we had guides like this before our first trip (to Disneyland)!”
– Discovering Parenthood
“This really blows everything out of the water–I’m gushing over this book!”
– Jeff Heimbuch
Communicore Weekly Host & Disney Historian
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What people are saying about “Going To Disneyland”

“Going to Disneyland is the perfect guide for both kids & kids at heart. I visited the park with two Disney pros and they both loved looking through it as we strolled through the park. It’s a beautifully detailed book that’s obviously been prepared with love. Anyone who plans on visiting Disneyland, whether veteran or newbie, should definitely check it out.”
– Melanie, LA Explorer
“But instead of being just a listing of the rides and restaurants, it is done in a style meant to involve those who buy the book.”
– Mark Eades
“Each page of the guide is filled with adorable illustrations, fun facts, and guides to everything in the parks…This interactive guide is lots of fun to use!”
– Disney Darlings
“The book is SO worth the twenty or so bucks! We cannot stress how much we love it (did we mention we cried when we looked through it the first time?!).”
– Magic Kingdom Mamas
“Such a gorgeous, incredible book! It takes you back and captures the magical Disneyland feeling!”
– Tarina Tarantino
Jewelry and Accessory Designer
“…the book stands out from the crowd.”
– Between Disney
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“Your book is a fantastic guide and a delight to read…”
– Jennifer Biller
Facilities Administrator, The Walt Disney Family Museum
“New Disneyland guidebook gives equal parts history and fun…A perfect guide for anyone you know who is going to Disneyland for the first time regardless of their age…I can’t recommend ‘Going To Disneyland’ enough.”
– Theme Park University
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“Every so often, a book crosses your path that just blows you away, and this new ‘for kids’ guide to Disneyland is one of those.”
– Ultimate Orlando
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“Even if you’ve been to Disneyland 100 times, Laskey’s ‘Going to Disneyland’ guide is going to be a new experience and offers a completely adorable way to look at the park. The design is a lot of fun and is going to appeal to children and adults. Even if you’re not going to Disneyland any time soon, it’s still to beautiful of a book to pass up!”
– George Taylor
Communicore Weekly Host, Mice Chat columnist, Imaginerding Blogger & Disney historian
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“What Shannon has done with ‘Going To Disneyland’ is a gorgeous and whimsical tribute to the Park itself. Part guide, part activity book, your kids will love going through it while exploring the Park…or you’ll enjoy looking at Disney through the eyes of a kid again. This book is a must for Disney fans.”
– Jeff Heimbuch
Communicore Weekly Host & Disney Historian
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