Computer with Going To Guides Etsy shop on the screen

The GTG Etsy Shop

Fun merch for theme park fans!

Soon after the first Going To Guide was published, the Etsy shop debuted filled with fun goodies made from the whimsical art in the book. Since then the shop has grown to include items made just for the shop including Fandana bandanas, blank journals called Imaginotebooks, Postcard Pals Packs and a card game called Park Pair Up. Will you play and win the Magic Key to the Kingdom?!

Going to Guides fans in tshirt, bandana and buttons

Thank You

Your 5-star reviews have made Going To Guides a Star Seller on Etsy!

  • Haunted Mansion Fandana model Erica

  • I Like Disneyland Tee model Felicia

  • Tiki Room Fandana pic by Liz

  • Wonderland Buttons pic by Jasmine

β€œI am blown away by the quality and beauty of these items, as well as the generosity and creativity of this seller. I will be purchasing more items as often as possible. Thank you so very much!”

β€”Etsy Customer Carrie