Going to Disneyland with a group? Plan ahead with the handy dandy GTG Ride Capacity Guide!

Riders on a It's a Small World boat at Disneyland
Illustration above from “Going To Disneyland: A Guide For Kids & Kids at Heart” is one of the many “Hey, kids, color me in!” images

Going to Disneyland with more than a few people can pose unique challenges—especially if some of the people are small kids who can’t ride alone. The rule is: kids under 14 can ride with anyone 14 or older and babies are welcome on attractions that don’t have a height requirement. For some rides (like Indiana Jones Adventure) each seat is for one individual and the number of Guests who can fit in a row or on a ride car is very specific. On other rides (like It’s a Small World) the bench seating style allows for extra people to squeeze in. When in doubt you can always ask a friendly Cast Member—or even a grouchy Cast Member, ha ha! 😂

top of the Going to Guides Ride Capacity Chart

This Ride Capacity chart shows you which rides will and won’t work for the number of people in your group—so you can plan ahead. While I was at it, each listing also describes WHERE each ride is (as in, which land) and WHAT you ride in (as in, a teacup, caterpillar, etc.) and if the ride has a height requirement. You could also turn this into a fun souvenir by putting an X in the box next to the names of the rides you went on during your visit!

With the creation of this guide, there are now FIVE digitable printables in the Going To Guides Etsy shop. And each one is under two bucks! Think of it as a little tip jar to say THANKS for the time these take to create. Have an idea for another printable you’d like me to create? I’d love to hear it!