Park Pair Up

Ready to play in the Park?
You’ll feel like you’ve visited America’s most magical and happiest theme parks when you see the attraction and story-themed art on these cards! The point of the game is to pair up your NUMBER cards. Do that, and you’re eligible to end a round – a feat that scores you bonus points. BUT there are TRICKY cards along the way. Choose to play them or you could lose 5 points if you’re stuck with them in your hand at the end. HAPPY cards add happiness to your hand – like perks or extra points. And then there are…KABOOM cards which turn everything upside down. Whoever gets 150 points first wins and gets to wear the Magic Key to the Kingdom pendant!

About the Game’s Creation
When the 2020 pandemic lockdown began, a lot of people were rediscovering their old games and puzzles. That’s what gave me the idea to create a game that was fun for all ages AND helped players to experience the magic and happiness of America’s Disney Parks, even though they were closed. After working away on the art, game play and rules throughout much of the year, the game was released in November of 2020. I couldn’t have done it without:

  • My GTG book Editor Hugh Allison who helped with the game paperwork
  • Wonderful Game Testers Elizabeth Lewis, Lindsay Gibson, Ivy Hosokawa, Yuhi Sasaki and my folks
  • The unofficial “PPU Advisory Board” on instagram

Thank you all so very much for helping me!

Game Play Variations
To mix things up, try these twists on the basic rules.

Instead of requiring the player who ends the round to have all NUMBER cards paired up, this variation allows for three-of-a-kinds as well.
Advantage: Makes it easier to end a round.
Disadvantage: Less challenging to qualify to end a round.

Every pair of NUMBER cards is worth 10 points, no matter what numbers are on the cards.
Advantage: Easier to tabulate points at the end of a round.
Disadvantage: Eliminates the strategy of getting more points for NUMBER cards with higher values.

A complete game lasts for three rounds and whoever has the highest score after those three rounds is the winner.
Advantage: May lead to shorter games as some games in the regular rules last longer.
Disadvantage: May lead to games that are TOO short.