Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by author Shannon Laskey

Q: I’m wondering if your books are right for my kiddo. What age are they for?

A: All ages! I had a mom of a two year old tell me my book was his favorite even though he couldn’t read yet. The books are chock full of colorful photos and illustrations. There are many short, easy sections for beginning readers and longer, more detailed passages for older readers. It’s a great book to snuggle up with a parent or grandparent and look at together – planning for their trip to the park together or reliving fond memories. There are also definitions included for words that may be unfamiliar to younger readers. Kids also love the many fill-in-the-blank spots and areas to color in where they can personalize their book and make it their own.

Q: I’m an adult with no kids but I LOVE going to Disney parks. Would I like your books?

A: I think so! I thought about adult readers at every step of the creation of these guides and strove to make them interesting and fun for ALL ages. I urge you to check out the flip-through videos on this site and the Look Inside feature on Amazon to see more about what they are like. I’ve had many adult readers give me feedback that even though they visit the parks frequently they learned a TON of things they never knew in my books. Many have also told me that they love to look at the books when they can’t get to the park – almost as if it’s a visit to the parks in and of itself. I myself am a “kid at heart” who loves going to Disney parks so I made this book for ME – and my sons. Disney parks are for everyone – and so are my books!

Q: Wait, your books are published by Orchard Hill Press? I thought they were by Going To Guides.

A: Going To Guides is the name of the book series. The first book is “Going To Disneyland,” the second one is “Going to Disney California Adventure” and the third is “Going To Magic Kingdom.” The umbrella term for all of the different guides is Going To Guides.

Q: Wow, you wrote three books about Disney parks. How often do you go there?

A: I live near San Francisco so none of the parks are TOO handy. We used to go to Disneyland about once a year but since I started Going To Guides I go about four times a year now. When I was researching my Magic Kingdom book I went to Florida on many Research Expeditions but I don’t get to Walt Disney World as often since I’m in California.

Q: Will you write a book about any of the other parks in Walt Disney World?

A: I’m not sure! Of course Walt Disney World has three other parks: Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. My guide to Magic Kingdom has a brief overview chapter that touches on these three parks, the water parks and Disney Springs. At this point, I’m not sure which park I’ll cover next and if it will be in America or abroad!

Q: Wait, I’m confused! Isn’t Magic Kingdom the same thing as Disneyland?

A: Magic Kingdom IS a nickname for Disneyland but the California’s park official name is Disneyland. The Disneyland-style park in Florida’s Walt Disney World is called Magic Kingdom. Got it? Good!

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