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Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by author Shannon Laskey

Q: Hey, I’m taking my kids to Disneyland. Where can I get them a book?!

A: The books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and can also be ordered by any bookshop from the distributor, Ingram. If you’d like a signed and/or inscribed copy, click here. Please note: the books are not just a guidebook but activity books as well. There are a lot of areas for you to fill in your opinions and a blank bookplate in the front where you can write that the book belongs to you. If you are sharing your book with others, you’ll have to share the fill-in-the-blank spots. I recommend each of you put your initials near the parts you filled in so when you look back you’ll remember who wrote what.

Q: That’s neat that there are finally guides for kids to Disneyland Resort but …are they only for kids?

A: No, indeed! Did you know that 1/3 of Disneyland Resort’s visitors are adults with no children? Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are for everyone and these books is for everyone who loves them!

Q: Wait, your books are published by Orchard Hill Press? I thought they were by Going To Guides.

A: Going To Guides is the name of the book series. The first book is “Going To Disneyland” and the second one will be “Going to Disney California Adventure”. The umbrella term for all of the different guides is Going To Guides.

Q: Wow, you wrote two books about Disneyland Resort. How often do you go there?

A: I live near San Francisco so it’s not TOO handy. We usually go once a year but have gone a bit more lately. Research, dontchaknow! 😉

Q: Will you write a book about any of the parks in Walt Disney World?

A: I just did! The new guide to Magic Kingdom comes out November 2017!

Do you have another question? Bring it on! I would love to hear from you! EMAIL Shannon or write to:
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